I am locking myself in my room all week.

Finally taking the LSAT on Saturday though I am not as ready for it as I would like to be.  I have unreasonable expectations for myself education wise and I am unwilling to compromise.  I just really wish I could be a professional wine and cheese connoisseur for life.  

Also if someone could distract me from studying so I don’t go insane, that would be great.

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    Uhhhhhh move here and we can be a wine/cheese connoisseur team. I’m dead serious. Add coffee/tea in there and I’m game.
  2. inlikewiththecity said: Wine and cheeeeese. Distract me please too.
  3. nikkisparklez said: good luck!
  4. thecatmosphere said: I will post moar clavicles 4 u later this week :)
  5. sireneencuir said: You’ll do great!
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